Vinny developed the Studiosingers vocal workshops over the past 14 years

Originally a seven week pilot scheme for Bromley council held at the Studio arts and media centre in Beckenham.

Vinny and his band Velcro Fly ( link )were performing a gig at the Studio when he was asked by the manager if he would teach singing.

The vocal workshops proved so popular that they are still running today and growing although now located in Penge SE20 since the closure of the Studio in 2003

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More about teaching…….

Vinny also teaches private students from his vocal practice in South London some of his students have gone on to perform in London’s West End and in the USA, some students perform with bands, have recorded radio TV and commercial voice-overs, others have developed their vocal skills for their own enjoyment or simply for confidence building.

Vinny has also been building a web site where students can download the exercise programme and share information and diagrams and animations on line to make learning to sing easy in a fun and informative way. 

Vinny uses a set of exercises taught to him by the world famous vocal coach Ian Adam who was Vinny’s vocal coach and friend for twenty years until Ian sadly passed away in 2007 Ian encouraged and supported Vinny in his teaching and took a keen interest as Vinny developed his own teaching style, teaching groups in a master class format which is completely different to teaching one to one students, “I really enjoy teaching, I look for the quality in the voice and expand from there in a positive way rather than point out problems. It’s especially rewarding to see your students improve their vocal skills and watch their confidence grow, although I love to perform too, it’s in my bones and I have to do it” (smiles)